Welcome to 10x10fitness.com where I have made it my priority to give you the best athletic training and nutrition advice.

I also review today’s most popular supplements such as Rush Nutra and other fat burners that people are getting amazing results with.

As an NPC Competitor and as a Personal Trainer, I am constantly testing out new products in order to keep up with my competition. With that said, I am very knowledgeable and qualified to tell you what works and what doesn’t.

There’s a lot of great trainers in the world. Once you find a good one, stick to him. Spoil him, take care of him because there’s a lot more bad trainers than good ones.

Like any business, not every trainer takes the time to study his craft further, to put more effort, to sympathize with clients, have patience to deal with existing injuries, etc.

Watch a couple of a videos I found on Youtube about being a Personal Trainer so you can see what I work with:

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Weight loss is a very tricky subject. It’s not as easy as just going on a strict diet and doing hours of cardio to get amazing results. There’s a lot more to the science of burning fat, losing weight, and weight management.

Going on a strict diet and extreme temporary regiment can actually cause more damage then benefits. I say temporary because your body was not designed to take such drastic measures and will eventually shut down on you.

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So in order for you to maximize your results, it is best to educate yourself, have guidance, look for help, and do a lot of research. I will provide that all for you. Just give me the opportunity.

Regardless of what you decide to do, make sure you do your research on weight management programs and guidelines designed to protect you and give you results at the same time.

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